Choosing a Handbag for Every Occasion TAG

Hi everyone! OMG! I created a tag video! It’s all about choosing a luxury handbag for every occasion… which was inspired by all of my beautiful subscribers asking me all the time what handbags I recommend for different occasions and moments in life. I made this a tag video so that hopefully it could circulate and we could hear all kinds of answers as to what handbag every type of lifestyle would choose for these certain moments.

I broke it down into six general occasions that I come across in life where I find myself gravitating towards one handbag over another. So if you had to choose just one handbag for each of the following occasions which ones would you choose?

1. Casual
2. Work
3. Travel
4. Evening
5. Day to night
6. Minimal

Here are the following beautiful ladies that I tag:

44 thoughts on “Choosing a Handbag for Every Occasion TAG

  1. Made Lery Suarthami says:

    First a all I don’t have YouTube channel. But I would like to request you or some other beauty gurus that could make a video by matching one handbag used in all occasions.
    Only One Handbag in All Occasions Tag.

  2. Lina I says:

    Hi! Your tag is everywhere! I enjoyed watching who have done this tag many have, and I love it. Your video is great and love it. You have lovely bags!
    Have a great day!

  3. Gabriel Divina says:

    Is the celine micro luggage and celine mini luggage the same in weight difference? I have a celine phantom and it's incredibly heavy even with literally only my phone and wallet and keys.

  4. ria says:

    This is mine:
    Casual: LV Speedy b 25
    Work: Givenchy Antigona
    Travel: LV Palm Springs Backpack
    Evening: Chanel WOC
    Day to Night: Chanel Medium flap
    Minimal: LV Pochette

    Edit: I hope u notice this! Love you Elle be! πŸ’œ

  5. Kadelle says:

    Just did this tag, thanks so much for creating it! Was really fun to do. Your Chanel Jumbo is gorgeous!! Ahhh, love it so much! And the Palm Springs is just tooo adorable <3 xx

  6. Gill's Luxury Talks says:

    Just filmed and uploaded this video! πŸ˜€ I would love it if you would take a look <3 I absolutely love this tag because I always use different categories while making my wishlist, that way I know for which specific categories I need to buy a bag and for the others I already own enough bags πŸ™‚ that really helps me to buy the right bags

  7. Lee Lee LV says:

    Hey Elle the tag got around to me I think this was a genius tag I will get it up this week I have some ladies to tag also this tag is already circulating quite a bit I was trying to tag people that weren't tagged -this was awesome I am so glad it made it to me !!cant wait to do it ! Xoxo

  8. Jennifer Blue says:

    LOVE THIS TAG!!!! I hope everyone does this! I just watched Linda's from Leo_lion_LV! This made me think about my own collection and some of my choices were exactly the same as yours! I don't have a youtube channel but I might respond on IG!

    Casual: LV Neo Noe! or one of my 4 speedy's
    Work: I commute over an hour each way to work and back as an educator so both a speedy35 and a Neverfull GM are my everyday work bags
    Travel: My mono speedy bandouliere 40 and/or Neverfull GM
    Evening: My black Gucci Marmont Chain Wallet – Perfection! (might get mini soon)
    Day to Nite: I wish I had a Chanel Jumbo but I don't so I would have to say my speedyB in Damier ebene, (shoulder strap by day/crook of arm by nite) or my Prada saffiano tote
    Minimal: as you can see i love big bags so for me a minimal bag may be my Pochette Metis in reverse monogram

    thanks for doing this tag!!!! Loved your choices!

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