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Hi guys,

I’ve got a FUN tag video for you today. This tag was created by the gorgeous Elle Be, where we need to pick 1 bag for each of the occasions listed below. I did find this a little tough lol but so much fun nonetheless. Thank you so much to Elle tagging me!

1. Casual
2. Work
3. Travel
4. Evening
5. Day to night
6. Minimal

31 thoughts on “Choosing a Handbag for Every Occasion TAG | Mel in Melbourne

  1. Mel in Melbourne says:

    Would love to know your choices! 😊
    So if you had to choose just one handbag for each of the following occasions which ones would you choose?
    1. Casual
    2. Work
    3. Travel
    4. Evening
    5. Day to night
    6. Minimal

  2. jinn erika says:

    love your contents! you are so funny and relatable at the same time ❀️ im a new subscriber! on the other hand could you please please make a styling video? on how you choose you outfit for the day? or what you wore in a week? i really like your look and want to upgrade my style into something like yours 😁

  3. phuong nguyen says:

    As a student and no social connection life (living alone but depend on parents), just two types of bags: going out to find a place reading book, and going to school. Going to school needs normal and cheap bags that cost under $100 (not leather), I don’t like backpack but in this case I have more backpack options. Going out to cafe or a place to read book, so at least it should fit a kindle. In some cases, going out in winter or rain will need a space for my coat or gloves, scarves or rain coat. What I suggest is kanken crossbody bag, muji backpack, mz Wallace backpack, mz Wallace satchel, longchamp s size, LV Alma pm, Burberry dk88 medium size, Prada luxe tote, Celine classic box bag, Chanel classic medium bag. In some cases when I want minimal size, I prefer a Mark Cross box bag.

  4. Jonnalyn Feng says:

    Hi Mel, I’m new to your channel and i’m in love with your energy 😘. Watched your Paris 18yrs Anniversary, Japan and Korea with ur BFF 😍😍😍. I’m smiling watching you to the whole
    video ☺️☺️☺️. following you to ur IG and I subscribe to ur YT channelπŸ‘‹

  5. xoAngelicaF says:

    Casual- Saint Laurent sac de jour/Givenchy Antigona
    Work- Prada tote bag
    Travel- Damier bandouliere bag 35
    Evening- Gucci Marmount velvet/Diorama
    Day to night- Chanel boy bag
    Minimal- YSL Kate satchel

  6. Samadhi Herath says:

    I have been so hooked with these kinda tag videos lately! I decided to film one myself because these are so much fun to watch! My 6 categories are. 1. chanel caviar in medium, 2. work would be michael kors selma, 3. travel would be LV never full GM, 4. Evening is the pochette that comes with the LV never full, 5. day to night would be rebecca minkoff mini mac, 6. minimal would be the LV tivoli pm (they don't sell this anymore).

  7. inc. luxe says:

    Nice! Would be interesting since you mentioned in your video that your husband picked something else…maybe you can do a version 2.0 "Husband's Handbag Pick for Every Occasion"

  8. jhe9488 says:

    Love your picks! So glad you gave the small double flap some love! My picks:

    1. Casual: Birkin 35
    2. Work: LV DE Neverfull GM
    3. Travel: Prada Vitello Daino Shopper Tote
    4. Evening: Chanel small classic flap
    5. Day to night: Chanel maxi classic flap (no shame carrying a massive bag at night! I'm a big bag kinda gal)
    6. Minimal: Chanel small boy bag

  9. Gustavo C. says:

    I love your videos, you are so stylish and chic!!!! luxury goods fix perfect on you! you are an inspiration <3 have you ever think about making a video about the evolution of the luxury brands through the years ? Is gonna be nice to know your opinion about that. or even a nostalgic video about itbags from 10 years ago, the itens you desire that time

  10. Aurelia Hall says:

    1. Casual – reverse mono LV PM
    2. Work – Chanel GST black caviar, shw
    3. Travel – LV Neverfull GM DE
    4. Evening – chanel Ltd Ed. woc black lambskin, shw
    5. Day to Night – Chanel Jumbo Caviar black, shw
    6. Minimal – LV Alma BB epi noir

  11. Christina Goh says:

    Hey babe, it is indeed looks easy but not easy at all. Hahaha when I first watch this tag video, I thought to myself it is easy but when I try to "do the tag", 😲😨😬 I am still undecided and I keep changing my mind πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. Great video and looking forward to watch your Chanel minis and flap comparison video πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

  12. Jennifer Blue says:

    Here are my picks:
    1. Casual – LV Neo Noe w/ black trim. that bags is my current weekend go to!
    2, Work – Any of my 4 LV speedyB's and Neverfull. I commute 50 miles both to and from work and I am an educator. So I tote books, shoes, snacks with me on a daily basis.
    3.Travel – LV speedy bandoulier 40. That bag has been to London, Paris, Milan, just everywhere with me. It fits so much!
    4. Evening – My gucci Marmont chain wallet in boac. OR my Prada saffiano small tote. Both are dressy for evening
    5. day to night – LV Pochette Metis in reverse monogram – for day it fits all essentials and at night i remove the cross body strap and carry it had held. the black top handle is perfect for evening
    6. Minimal – Any of my 4 LV pochette accessories. Add a cross body strap and they are good to go!

    I just love this tag and enjoy watching everyone picks. Great video Mel!

  13. Jennifer Blue says:

    you have such an amazing extensive collection! your rectangular chanel mini is so dressy and gorgeous. I can't believe that is your interpretation of minimal. for me that bag would be everything!! hahahha! Great picks!

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