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  1. Aaryn McClintick says:

    I bought The Tory Burch Perry tote based on yours and Amie chases recommendation. I got the color that you have and I was wondering if there’s any tags inside with serial numbers or where it’s made. I got mine off of eBay from a seller with 100% positive feedback, but I do think it strange there’s no tags inside. Please let me know-thank you

  2. Terri Baldin says:

    Amidst found your site and lovely updates on your collection. Please can you give me more info on the Tory Burch bag – love it and would like to buy for myself too! I do live in South Africa – so would need to order online. Any more detail of what style number or size, would be so helpful X thank you for an interesting update on various bags X

  3. N P says:

    Hi, enjoyed watching your videos. Love your Gucci selections as well but was wondering why your three other Gucci bags (soho disco, camera bag, flap bag) didnt make it to this list. On which occasions do you usually carry these bags (the Gucci bags I mean)?

  4. AllPiecesOfAmber says:

    Really enjoyed watching this video and hearing your explanations. I traveled with my Neverfull on plane once and it to place it in the overhead. Lesson learned, never again as I was paranoid with the open top and all of my belongings falling out if we hit turbulence. Now I travel with my Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable tote. Great throw around tote with a zipper. Perfect for beach, pool and to carry souvenirs.

  5. Licensed and insured A says:

    Hi😍 I absolutely need that Gucci, I wanted to tell you at the drugstores they sell this tiny pouch and inside is a soft tote that scrunches into it! Throw this into your neverfull and when it's time to put it under the seat take out your little "tote in a pouch" and place it inside & zip it up and Walahhhh!!!!!!! Well protected ❣❣when your done scrunch it back into its little pouch and toss it into your neverfull! It's the size of your palm! . Love your choices 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  6. MeandMrVuitton says:

    I agree with you, I never take my LVs on planes. Kudos to those that have the guts to do that LOL. The Perry tote is great for travel and wipeable with baby wipes if necessary! So great to carry a crossbody in your carry on too. I always do that with my pochette accessories 🤗 tfs 💖

  7. Jonna says:

    Love your videos!  Have the exact same pieces you do!  slight exception is my Speedy's are all 35 (have Speedy B in DE and Monogram, and regular speedy in DA all 35s).  I live in Los Angeles so I can totally relate to your point that we don't have to worry about the Monogram print as much as others who live in rainy areas.  LOVE my Chanel caviar pieces Jumbo double flap and Maxi and can't decide which I love most and which I would consider my "Holy Grail" piece.  Each have their own unique personality and I adore all my pieces!  Can't wait to see your Valentino Slides!!!  Have a great weekend!  XOXOXOX

  8. Miss BlueMaude says:

    So fun watching your picks and love all the eye candy 🍭 tfs xo 😍 ps hehe did your post man say "you're a busy shopper this week?!" 🤣 that's what all our mail people probably think !! Hahah so funny 🤣😍❤️😘

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